Mount Tremper Firetower 360VR (top)

Mount Tremper Firetower– A 360VR image from the top of the stairs in the firetower that is located on Mount Tremper. The Mount Tremper Firetower was restored in 2001 and was used for fire observation until 1971. The 47 foot Mount Tremper Firetower was placed in its present location because of the vast sections of Forest Preserve not visible from the Hunter or Belleayre Firetowers. (Source:

Currently the observation room of Mount Tremper Firetower is only open during the summer months on the weekends. The hours are short especially on Sundays. The hike to the top takes about 2 hours. It is 3 miles one way and it is a steady climb up. It is very rocky in some parts.

This 360 shows a closed observation room on the Mount Tremper Firetower along with the view that can be seen of the Catskills.

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